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Why Breathability is an Essential Quality in Any Mattress

Monday 15 April, 2019


What do we mean by ‘breathability’ in a mattress and why is it so important? Well, at Penelope, we’re only too aware that a breathable mattress is one which allows the air to circulate while we’re sleeping and, at the same time, wicks away moisture from our body so that the mattress itself remains dry throughout the night.

Every night while sleeping our body heats up, causing us to perspire (believe it or not, we all emit around a cupful of sweat every night!) and a good mattress has to absorb this in order to retain its firmness and bounce. A mattress which can do this will not only last longer, but also ensure we’re
more comfortable and rested throughout the night – meaning we’ll sleep for longer and are far more likely to wake the next morning feeling refreshed and raring to go.

Why too much moisture in a mattress can lead to problems

If our mattress can’t absorb our sweat during the night while we’re sleeping, then our body temperature will rise. This means we sweat more, causing both our heart rate and blood pressure to rise. This in turn can cause our breathing to become irregular, resulting in us waking up through the night.

Just as bad, a mattress which is incapable of absorbing the moisture our body gives out can also become mouldy and turn into the perfect breeding ground for dust mites (something we absolutely want to avoid since this can result in allergens!).

Why too much moisture in a mattress can lead to problems

The reason a Penelope’s breathable natural mattress will remain fresh and last longer is because it won’t retain moisture and get too warm. As a result neither the fabric nor the filling inside will degrade prematurely, meaning the mattress will retain its support until the end of its natural lifetime (between seven to eight years – although a poor quality mattress may need changed every couple of years). The result of buying a breathable mattress is that you will enjoy a far more comfortable and restful sleep for longer. It doesn’t make economic sense therefore to buy a poor-quality version.

A mattress which is too soft can also cause heat problems because your body sinks into the fabric, restricting air flow and causing heat to become trapped. That’s why, if being too hot in bed is causing you sleep difficulties then it may be better to opt for a firmer mattress.



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