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Sleep Divisions Trigger Dementia as you get older

Monday 15 April, 2019


The world of science thinks that poor sleep can be a source of aging-related diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Researchers are looking for ways to help the elderly improve sleep quality and lead a healthier life. People spend a third of their lives asleep. Sleep time is expected to be relaxing and refresh the brain. But experts, as age progresses, sleep-regulating neurons and brain circuits began to decline, the quality of sleep and time is reduced, he says.

According to the experts, sleep quality begins to decline in the 30s. Researchers, a person in his 50s, 50 percent of the average sleeping sleep capacity has lost, falling asleep and forced to sleep without holes, he says. After mid-age, sleep problems are getting worse. Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, is director of the University’s Institute of Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory. Walker says that the rapid eye movement or the sleep phase, called REM, is not affected by aging. However, with age, Walker says that the deep sleep phase, other than REM
sleep, has begun to deteriorate.

As people get older, the risks of cancer, heart and Alzheimer’s disease are increasing. These diseases are thought to affect sleep. However, Walker says the problem may be the opposite: I think these diseases and the problem of sleep affect each other. One is even more dominant. In other words, I think sleep divisions are a situation that triggers dementia as you get older. In a meta- analysis study published in the journal Neuron, Walker and his colleagues examined data from two million people. Researchers saw short-term and slow waves dividing deep sleep when they looked at the electrical currents in the brain of insomnia adults.

In addition, chemical indicators were found in people with deep sleep problems. Walker, insomnia, including the cardiovascular system and metabolism, the body is affected, said Walker, the sleep of people who are more susceptible to diseases of the heart and diabetes. Walker, however, believes that the findings are a positive aspect, and that he will be able to cure sleep problems and prevent diseases that may be at increased risk by aging. Walker reminds us that new therapies have been developed that stimulate sleep centers in the brain with very light electric current and magnetism. On the other hand, Walker gives some advice to those who want to improve their sleep quality. These include exercising, avoiding computers and tablets before sleeping, and sleeping in a cool room.



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