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Recommendations for a good sleep

Monday 25 February, 2019


How much sleep do you need?

People have adapted to 24-hour periods of light and darkness called the biological clock (circus-like rhythm). This clock starts an average sleep time of 8 hours (6 to 9 hours) every night. Every person determines his / her sleep need. We can understand our ideal sleep by simply feeling ourselves rested in the morning and our day-to-day performance. You may have more than half an hour of extra sleep on weekend as a reflection of the fatigue on weekdays. However, sleeping more will not mean that you are sleeping for the next week.

What is normal night sleep?

At night, changes in predictable dimensions may occur in the depth and character of sleep. A healthy young adult can sleep 10-20 minutes after the lights are turned off. Then, overnight sleep cycles of 5 stages continue throughout the night. As we fall asleep, our thoughts begin to move in our minds and our communication with the environment decreases (Stage 1).

Stages 3 and 4 are often the first half of the night and are called deep sleep. During this period, a more intense, strong stimulus is needed to wake up. The process from stage 1 to 4 constitutes the non-REM period of sleep. The REM (rapid eye movement) period is repeated 90-minute cycles overnight.

Each night there will be an average of 4-5 REM sections. The first REM is very short and lasts less than 10 minutes and the last REM period may be more than one hour. This indicates that the majority of REM sleep is in the second half of the night. REM sleep is associated with dream vision. Most of the time we see our most vivid and bad dreams in this period. But dreams and mental dreams can be at every stage of sleep.




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