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Finest Fillings


It is the most natural, healthiest and softest filling material. It is much more valuable because it has limited availability

• It balances Heat and moisture.

• Easily Washable and long lasting.

• The lightest natural filler in the world. 

• Increases the softness and heat retention and volume of the pillows and duvets.

•Due to its soft and light structure, it can be mixed with feathers. 

• It has Hygroscopic feature that absorbs excess moisture in the environment and leaves it back when not in use. 


• It is the most natural, healthiest and softest filling material.

• It has Hygroscopic feature that absorbs excess moisture in the environment and leaves it back when not in use.

• It balances Heat and moisture

• It is the lightest filler in the world.

• Feathers are from the gooses long and wide hair in the back.

• Provides protection of the cushion volume.

• It is durable due to its structure and provides flexibility to the product.

• Washable and long lasting.


Bamboo belongs to the family of wheat, sometimes composed of 1200 plant species that seem very different from each other. As used in many other fields, it is also used in the textile sector in the production of bamboo fabrics. Bamboo species are found in Asia, South and North America and Africa. The largest bamboo species can reach a thickness of 80 cm and a length of 38 meters. Some bamboo species give very rare flowers, sometimes every 100 years, or less frequently. It holds the world’s fastest growing plant record. Can grow upto 90 cm per day

• It is a natural filler. 

• It has a breathable structure. 

• Absorbs 3 times more water than cotton and dries 4 times faster. 

• It helps the body breathe. 

• Washable, odorless, cool and fresh feeling 

• Has natural anti-bacterial properties 

• Extremely light with softness closest to cashmere and silk 

• Absorbs sweat 

• Breaks Ultra-violet lights. 


• It is a summer plant.

• Has a breathable structure.

• Keeps excess moisture.

• Soft.

• Feels cool.

• The oldest known filler material.

• Helps prevent sweating problems.

• Ideal for use in summer and spring.


Wool takes the moisture in the body while giving heat to the environment,; It is a natural, washable and long lasting filler.

• It is the most water-repellent natural filler.

• Natural, washable and long lasting.

• Regulates ambient humidity.

• Provides insulation against hot and cold.

• Feels warmer than other natural filling materials.

• Ensures uninterrupted sleep comfort. Reduces static.  

• Woolmark® licensed pure new English wool is used in Penelope products.

• Wool is also one of the most flexible natural fibers. When taking excess moisture in the body, it gives heat to the environment. This feature is called ıs wetting temperature.

• It can protect its volume and structure for many years without any side interference• Suitable for 4 seasons.


Tencel is derived from the eucalyptus tree extract. Due to its natural nature, it is a refreshing material with antibacterial and hygienic properties.It removes moisture from the body by 65% ​​faster than cotton and other fibers. Eucalyptus tree extract is obtained.

• Provides moisture management.

• Breathable and dry.

• Regulates the body heat balance.

• It protects the skin’s moisture balance.

• Suitable for sensitive skin.

• Smooth and soft touch.

• Does not allow bacterial growth.

• Helps to improve sleep comfort.  


It is a breathable natural filling material produced from the milk of rubber tree.

• It is a natural filling material obtained from the milk of the rubber tree.

• Natural and flexible.

• Perforated structure provides air permeability.

• Helps to reduce pain by supporting the head and neck area.

• It helps to prevent sweating problem with its breathable structure.

• It distributes the pressure in the body during sleep.

• Perforated latex is used in our pillow production.




Thermolite® microfibers are manufactured by international companies with high technology and can be used under license. It is a special filling material for hygienic and comfortable sleep.

 • Does not allow mushroom and dust mite to live. 

• Soft, light, airborne. 

• It keeps you warm

• Can be washed up to 60 ° C and up to 95 ° C 

• Dries easily. 

• It is also used safely in baby products.

• Does not cause allergies and it is odorless. 

• It prevents the growth of bacteria. 


• Lightweight.

• Odorless.

• Easy to wash and dry.

• Lightweight

• Hygienic

• Odorless

• Easy to wash and easy to dry. 

• Provides soft sleep comfort on the clouds.

• Provides soft sleep comfort on the clouds. It is hygienic.

• Minimizes heat loss thanks to the insulation it provides.

• Does not create a suitable environment for bacteria life.

• Provides the warm sleeping environment needed during the winter months.

• Micro fibers provide a soft sleep comfort with 3 denier.

• Nanofibers, which has a depth of 0.9 denier, is a superior filling material obtained with special and high technology. and latest technology.


It is a hygienic filling material that provides a soft comfort on the clouds.

• It is a special filler used in pillows and cushions.

• This feature allows the products used to offer superior comfort.

• Lightweight.

• Provides soft sleep comfort on the clouds.

• Hygienic.

• Odorless.

• Easy to wash and easy to dry.

• Fibers which are folded to form ball give the necessary support to the head and neck area by spreading as they are held together.


Inspired by space technology, it improves the quality of sleep by reducing the involuntary movements during sleep with the body’s structure.

Products that reduce unwanted movements by 80%.

• Helps to reduce neck pain.

• Feels cool.

• Perforated visco is used in our medical pillow production.

• The body-shaped structure provides a comfortable sleep by distributing pressure in the head and neck.

• Supports the head and neck area to reduce involuntary movements during sleep and improves sleep quality.

• Visco, which was developed to balance the pressure on the space travel of the astronauts, is now used as filling material in pillows and beds.




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